A terrace gives a home a lot of life and not only during the summer months. If you have it well enabled, it can become a space where you can spend great evenings in winter as well.

If you plan to carry out a terrace reform in Cala del Moral or Malaga, whether of an apartment or if you live in an attic, in this article we will tell you everything you need to know so that this reform turns out to be perfect and you get your dream terrace.

Como reformar una terraza

How to reform a terrace in Malaga

When reforming a terrace, a series of essential factors come into play. Materials to use, what type of floors you want, their distribution, if you want a garden area separate from the rest, with a pergola for those sunny summer days or the same outdoor furniture are aspects that you should have in mind beforehand.


For example, even if you want to change the floor of your terrace, you should know that there are other alternatives such as placing a different coating on the floors that you have now. This would save you quite a bit of money on the price of renovating the terrace.

But if you still want to place another type of floor, in the current market you can find a wide variety of types.

Tipos de suelos para reformar terrazas

For example, you can opt for porcelain floors, a material that is more than perfect for outdoor locations. You have a wide variety of finishes, porcelain being a highly resistant material.

You also have ceramic stone floors, which are even more resistant to any external agent or weather changes of all kinds. This type of flooring will be perfect if you have a terrace with a classic atmosphere.

On the other hand, you have another very valid option such as wooden floors for terraces. Wood, being an insulating material, does not accumulate heat as it does with other types of flooring. Its maintenance is really simple, providing warmth and elegance at the same time.

Distribution of spaces on the terrace

It is important to know what use we are going to give our terrace and the dimensions we have in order to distribute the spaces in the best possible way.

This aspect is also important to have some furniture or others, if you want to reserve space on your terrace for your plants or to create a relaxation area for example.

iluminación en reformas de terrazas

The lighting

When undertaking a job of this type, it is also very important to know what distribution of lighting is desired to reform the terrace of an attic, for example.

With this we will be able to know first-hand how to distribute spaces or where enough light points will be placed to keep your terrace perfectly illuminated.

Without forgetting, of course, the fundamental role that sunlight plays on the terraces.

Terrace furniture

Another aspect will be the furniture to be used to equip this room in your home in the best way. The furniture would have to be made with materials resistant to weather changes or wear in the sun.

For example, wooden furniture has different advantages such as its robustness, its aesthetic appearance or that it is resistant to sudden changes in temperature or humidity. Of course, with the passage of time, sunlight will cause them to lose their original color, although different materials can always be used for better conservation.

The metal furniture for outdoor terraces are also made with highly resistant materials although they do not resist humidity or rain in the same way.

Another valid option is to get furniture made with synthetic fiber, which is also cheaper. It will be necessary to be careful to cover them during rainy seasons so that they do not spoil or deteriorate.

precio de reformar terraza

Price to reform terrace

The price of reforming a terrace in Malaga, be it an attic or any kind of home, varies depending on the aspects described above.

Both the type of floor you put or the furniture you want will cause the price to vary considerably. It is not the same to use wooden floors and furniture than other materials such as plastic.

However, at Reformas del Sol we always offer the best results with a budget for cheap terrace renovations for all those interested in La Cala del Moral.

Ideas de reformas de terrazas

Ideas to reform terraces

Here we leave you with a series of ideas on how to reform the terrace, both flats and apartments and penthouse terraces. Surely among them you will find the inspiration you need when undertaking a reform of this style.


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