We have the best offers in bathroom renovations in Malaga and with the highest quality from Reformas del Sol, your trusted construction company.

We already have a long and extensive track record in all kinds of comprehensive renovations and we are specialists in bathrooms.

reformas de baños en Málaga


How to reform a bathroom

In our company we make all our experience and professionalism available to all our clients and we offer a budget without obligation with the best possible materials.

Basically, a reform of your bathroom involves several jobs like the ones we describe below.

We carry out completely new plumbing installation as well as the electrical or electricity installation through light points on the wall, switches or double light keys, always following current legislation, laying the floor for example or changing it for your home in Malaga province .

There are different types of flooring, such as terrazzo, tile, tile or stoneware, all of this is present in our facilities, making use of the best possible material.

At the same time, when making a comprehensive improvement in a bathroom, all kinds of elements come into play and masonry work is carried out, such as tiling the bathroom wall, laying tiles according to the customer’s choice.

In addition to this, later we proceed to the placement of the toilets and finish our bathroom renovations in Malaga with our painting services, leaving your future bathroom perfect.

We have the best bathroom renovation services at the best price. Request your budget without any kind of commitment.


How much does it cost to reform a bathroom in Malaga

The budget to reform a small or large bathroom can vary a lot if you need a comprehensive reform or only a specific part or if you want to modify walls as well.

Take into account if you want to place a screen for the shower trays or at the same time if a tap change is required, always according to your needs.

To calculate the price of the reform, different aspects influence such as the age of the bathroom, which tiles you want to place in the event that you also have to make the tiling or the type of toilet that the client wants.

In this regard, you should know that there are different types of toilets for bathrooms, such as sinks that can be the typical free-standing ones, hung directly on the wall or models embedded in furniture, which are the most demanded lately.

Bathroom furniture has increased considerably and you can find a wide variety of models on the market.

As for the toilet, there is also a wide catalog currently on the market with different manufacturers. Today the most modern are the toilets that are suspended.


reformas de cuarto de baño vater suspendido

The budget for bathroom renovations in Malaga also varies if you want either bathtubs or a shower tray. More and more people, when they carry out a comprehensive reform of their home bathroom, choose to choose shower trays instead of bathtubs.

Even if you want to make a change in the floor of your toilet, the price fluctuates considerably depending on the materials to be used.

Basically because the placement of a bathtub requires a greater physical space, its manufacture is much more expensive than a plate or the extensive consumption of water that is needed to fill it.

The truth is that more and more users request our services for comprehensive bathroom renovations in relation to the change of bathtub for shower tray.

It is much more comfortable, especially when elderly or dependent people have to bathe, as it greatly facilitates their access.


reformas de cuarto de baño plato de ducha

Finally, the price of reforming the bathroom in Malaga also influences whether or not you want the placement of a bidet, something that in newly created homes is not usually very common.

Today there is a wide variety of sanitary devices and all of them have a place in our work in our company in relation to the world of the washbasin.

So if you want to reform your bathroom in Malaga or in Vélez-Malaga, get in touch with Reformas del Sol and we will advise you on everything you need and at the best possible price for your home. We will pass you a reform budget, we are professionals in construction and bathroom renovations.

Our best guarantee is without a doubt the favorable opinion of each and every one of the clients with whom we have worked, always offering the best renovation services in Malaga.

Our services in bathroom renovations Malaga is one of the best you can find in the whole city without a doubt.




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