Are you planning to undertake a reform of your small bathroom? Do you have a bathtub or shower tray? Do you want a complete bathroom reform or only partial? What aesthetically speaking idea do you carry or what toilets to use?

These are all questions that you should ask yourself when you have decided to do a small bathroom renovation. Because it is not the same to do it with a toilet than with a large and spacious bathroom with a bathtub.

If you have a small bathroom and want to make the most of it, at Reformas del Sol in La Cala del Moral, Malaga, we have all the solutions for you.

reformas de baños pequeños en La Cala del Moral

How to reform a small bathroom

When you decide to undertake this kind of improvement it is because you want to get the most out of your bathroom and when we talk about smaller rooms it is a matter of vital importance.

Before doing so, you must be clear about a series of factors so that your budget does not go away and your small bathroom reform is perfect. With this series of tips that we give you below, you can also get it.

How to distribute the spaces in an ideal way

If we talk about small bathrooms, we are talking about reduced dimensions in which you have to take advantage of every last centimeter. In those that are rectangular, it will be perfect to organize the toilets in a row, placing the sink first, then the toilet and finally the shower or bathtub.

What should always be avoided is to have any piece facing each other, always respecting a little space to be able to pass without difficulty.

For this, it is essential to keep in mind all the accessories that we will place after the reform. If we will install towel warmers, where we will place the towel racks or toilet paper holders, corner units for the shower, what kind of toilet do we want or whether or not we will place a bidet.

reformas de baños de bañera a ducha

Change your bathtub for a shower tray

More and more people are opting to reform their bathroom just by placing a shower instead of a bathtub. They are much more practical than conventional bathtubs and ideal also if we are getting older.

We can certainly “expand” our toilet by making this change and gain space to use it for other functions.

Which toilets are better

Without a doubt, suspended toilets are ideal when you have a small bathroom. With them, a greater visual amplitude is achieved and the aesthetics of this room are considerably improved.

reformas de baños pequeños inodoros suspendidos

Of course, they are more expensive than conventional ones and their installation is somewhat more complex.

On the other hand, standing toilets are cheaper and with a much easier installation.

On the other hand, you have the option, when reforming your small bathroom, of also placing a bidet, although fewer and fewer people are opting for this type of toilet.

iluminación en reformas de baños pequeños


Bathrooms, as a general rule, are dark rooms where sunlight barely affects because they tend to overlook the building’s light patios. If you also have this problem and do not have a toilet with a window to the outside, it is important to distribute the lighting efficiently.

You can play with 2 different areas of lights, one for the sink area and another for the shower tray or bathtub. Better use low-consumption led lights that are very bright and give a much more aesthetic appearance than conventional bulbs.

What furniture to use

When we carry out a small bathroom renovation, another essential aspect to get the most out of it is to select the best furniture based on the size of the room.

In the market you can find a wide variety of models, but for these cases it is advisable to use those that are compact or those that are placed under the sink.

reformas de cuartos de baño muebles a utilizar

You have different finishes to match the colors and designs of the bathroom in your home.

Types of coatings for bathrooms

When it comes to “dressing” the walls of your bathroom, you have a multitude of possibilities. For example, you have ceramic tiles that give a more elegant design and that are used not only for the walls, but also to place on the bathroom floor.

With all kinds of designs, finishes and colors to combine as you wish and made with porous materials to avoid any unexpected slip.

Another type of coating for the bathroom that is becoming increasingly fashionable is that made with natural stone, achieving greater resistance and superior beauty.

They are highly decorative and you have them available in different finishes and in all kinds of colors, all of them have waterproof treatments, making natural stone the most resistant material to humidity or wear that you can find today.

reformas de baños pequeños con revestimiento de madera

Using natural wood for floors and walls when you make a bathroom renovation is another very valid possibility. We will achieve not only a greater warmth in this room but also an aesthetic improvement of our toilet.

They are available in maple, beech, oak or cherry wood among other possibilities, offering high resistance to any kind of humidity.

Price of renovating a small bathroom

When it comes to establishing a price to reform a small bathroom, basically all the aspects seen above and the quality of these come into play.

For example, if you want to install a towel warmer, a hydromassage shower tray, natural stone cladding and suspended toilets, it will cost you much more than if you only replace a bathtub for a shower tray.

Everything adds up and everything remains when it comes to making a bathroom renovation budget. At Reformas del Sol we advise you from the first moment and we offer you the cheapest quotes that you can find in all of Malaga and in La Cala del Mora.

Ideas to reform small bathrooms in the best way

Here we leave you with a series of ideas for you to make the reform of your small bathroom in the best possible way. And if you have any questions, get in touch with us right now on the phone 664 45 98 68 and we will be happy to help you with everything you need.

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