We all have some fear when we have to undertake some type of reform in the home but with what we bring you today you can say goodbye to that fear. And that’s because in today’s article we are going to show you how to reform your home for little money and with quality materials.

And it is that carrying out a comprehensive reform does not always have to involve exorbitant expenses, since there are many options to transform any room in your house into a zone of maximum comfort, so let’s go.


Aspects to take into account in any reform

Before getting down to work, it is very important to consider all the advantages or disadvantages that we may have in our home. The contribution of opinions or ideas from family and friends who do not have a previous preconceived idea is also important, since they will be much more critical than ourselves.

A perfect idea in this regard is to face the reform itself having an idea of what you would like to achieve with it and what type of spaces you want for your future and remodeled home. You can take ideas for it if someone you know has done some kind of work at home recently or browse the internet to refresh yourself and get new ideas.

Roof types

Being a complete rehabilitation or remodeling, it is also necessary that you know what type of ceilings you are going to want. For example, ceilings made with plasterboard panels or plates is a fantastic idea, as well as being a fairly inexpensive material and very easy to work with.

Thus, with very little money and only by modifying the types of ceilings or their heights, you will get totally new spaces by investing very little money in it.

Tipos de techos en viviendas


The incidence of light in a room or the living room of your house is also vital, and we are not only talking about artificial light but also natural sunlight. Just making a change in this aspect will make the room totally different from what it is today.

You can find a wide and varied offer, for example, in ceiling lamps with a lot of variety in terms of prices. Always opt for models with the best manufacturing materials, especially in specialized stores in the world of lighting.

Partitions and walls

Here you will be able to choose very different possibilities. For example, if your walls have gotelé, you can smooth them improving the aesthetics of the place and for a really cheap price.

There are other very good alternatives such as exposed brick walls to achieve a more rustic look than with smooth, white walls that, in addition, you can paint as you like. Also keep in mind the possibility of coloring window curtains or wallpaper or vinyls to improve the aesthetics and appearance of the room.

tipos de paredes y tabiques para casa

On the other hand, if you want to achieve a much more open room, the best thing you can do in these cases is to tear down the odd partition and gain physical space at the same time with quite cheap prices for your pockets.

Reforms in kitchens and bathrooms

In these 2 places the correct decision is to color the tiles in these rooms. In addition, you can find a wide offer in terms of toilets, urinals and other types of bathroom furniture with quite affordable prices.

reformas de baños y cocinas

And with regard to the types of floors in kitchens and bathrooms, you can also choose different kinds of vinyls that, in addition to perfectly dressing the floor of any room, we also achieve a much more relaxed space among other benefits and with quite cheap prices. talking.


We hope that these simple guidelines help you to reform your home easily and, especially, cheaply and economically.

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