In Reformas del Sol you will find the best plumbers in Malaga with the best prices on the market and a professional and fast service.

We are specialists in all kinds of jobs related to the world of plumbing. So if you are looking for an inexpensive plumber, get in touch with us now!

Plumbing services we offer

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals who cover everything related to plumbing work in the city of Malaga.

Among other services we offer those that you can consult below.

fontaneros baratos Málaga

Comprehensive plumbing installations

We install all the plumbing in your home, business premises or industrial warehouse with a comprehensive service tailored to your needs.

The best designs in pipes, installation of toilets, toilets, bathtubs or furniture for bathrooms. We are fast, efficient and professional plumbers.

Repairs and maintenance of pipes, drains, faucets, bathtubs, shower trays, bathtubs and toilets, jacuzzis or hydromassage cabins

If you have a problem at home with any leak in your bathroom, contact us and we will quickly solve the problem. We use the best plumbing materials to provide you with the best service in Malaga.


We unblock any type of pipe, no matter how difficult it is. If you need to unclog the pipes in your restaurant, for example, call us and we will help you.

desatascos Málaga

Replacement of symphonic boats, bathtubs or bidets

More and more people have a bathtub at home and due to the circumstances (although especially older people) decide to change it for a shower tray.

We make all kinds of changes with perfect finishes, always using the best plumbing material.

Installation of accumulators, water tanks and DHW
community or single family homes

Installation of vacuum tube plates both for your home and in community buildings to offer you the best service in hot water.

Garden sprinkler systems

We offer service to both individuals and private urbanizations to always leave the garden in perfect irrigation conditions.

sistema de aspersión en Málaga

For this we carry out the best installations in sprinkler systems for all kinds of gardens.

Installation and design of gutters, replacement and repair of downspouts

We carry out a wide variety of downspout repairs or replace them with a new one.

And it is that they are essential pipes in any residential building and a problem in the downspouts can generate both water leaks or leaks as well as the emission of all kinds of bad odors.

Moisture, leaks, waterproofing

Humidity or leaks can become a real headache when they make an appearance in our home.

reparación de humedades y goteras

If you have any problem related to it, at Reformas del Sol we will be happy to help you.

Just call us and in a very short time we will be at your home.

Repair, overhaul and installation of fire fighting systems

We are official installers of the best fire fighting systems at the most competitive prices you can find in the market.

We also carry out exhaustive repairs and reviews of this type of facilities.

Repair of swimming pools, revision of purification devices, losses and leaks in swimming pools

If you have any kind of leak in the pool at home you should put a solution as soon as possible, because if you do not run the risk that it will increase in size and the damage will be greater.

Reparación de piscinas

We carry out a wide variety of problems related to swimming pools and we check the purification devices in the best way so that they are always in perfect condition.

Solution against bad odors in bathrooms or kitchens

The problems that originate in the bad smells that emanate especially from your bathroom or the kitchen of your home is something very unpleasant for everyone.

We will quickly find a solution and you will say goodbye to those repulsive odors.

Plumbing renovations in kitchens

If you want to completely reform your kitchen, also change the plumbing system at the same time. We are cheap plumbers in Malaga who carry out the best reforms in this field.

Reformas de fontanería en cocinas

Installation of electric water heater in Malaga

We offer the best electric water heater installation service, no matter the capacity you have or difficulty, quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

Water leaks, change of taps and hoses
Installation and repair of sinks, dishwashers or washing machines

If you have any problem with the drains of your washing machine, dishwasher or kitchen sink, call us and we will solve it quickly, efficiently and cleanly.

We also carry out changes of taps, maintenance of hoses and copper tubes.

Other services of Reformas del Sol

Apart from all these services that we perform at plumbers Málaga, our multi-disciplinary team of professionals enables us to offer all kinds of services related to the world of renovations.

We offer renovation services in Malaga, La Cala del Moral or Rincón de la Victoria.

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