With many years of experience in the painting trade Reformas del Sol in Málaga, Spain, is a company who prides themselves on the quality of their workmanship to ensure the necessary results to achieve a painted finish that will last for many years to come. Preparation is by far one of the most important aspects of any successful painting project and we will guarantee that not only are your walls and ceilings fully restored and carefully painted, but also that the area you require painting is prepared with the upmost care and consideration to your belongings and the surrounding area, whether it is interior or exterior.

Reformas del Sol understands the individual tastes from one person to another change so we will work closely with you in order to choose the right painting technique and finish to suit your needs. Another consideration is the room´s dimensions and the condition of the walls you wish to paint. Some painting techniques are very good at hiding damaged and irregular surfaces giving the area a new lease of life. Reformas del Sol we will be happy to advise you on the many techniques available on today’s market from the different cleaning products in order to prepare your surface without any risk to the environment down to the vast choice of paints available.

Our other painting services include the restoration of the façade using our very efficient blast cleaning service whether it’s the removal of graffiti, general brick cleaning, eliminating moisture-related damage or just unwanted dirt deposits and stains that naturally appear on a building over the years.

The painting of the façade will not only leave your property looking and feeling like new but will help to increase the self cleaning effect and water repellence of the building using the correct primers and finishing coats over time saving you pounds on further maintenance costs. Reformas del Sol takes Health and Safety very seriously and completes various on site risk assessments before beginning any project in order to avoid any accidents and cases of work related ill health. By managing the health and safety risks on a regular basis on site we provide all of our staff members with clear instructions and information, combined with industry recognised training to ensure all levels of competency are met and maintained.

So, if you are looking for a painting service that full fills the expectations of the industry anywhere along the Costa del Sol call us NOW for a free quotation.

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