More and more people are opting for kitchens with integrated appliances when they decide to reform their kitchen in a comprehensive way. There are many advantages that this class of appliances have, such as saving space or improving the aesthetics of the kitchen.

If you are thinking of reforming your kitchen in Malaga pay attention to everything that we tell you below because we show you why to choose built-in appliances to equip your kitchen.

Ventajas de los electrodomésticos integrables

Advantages of having integrated appliances

Below we list the main advantages and benefits of having this kind of appliances in your home.

We will gain a lot of space

As its name suggests, this class of appliances are integrated into the furniture of any kitchen, hidden, not visible. This means maximizing the space in this room.

This aspect is perfect for rather small kitchens, where free space is conspicuous by its absence.

Estética de los electrodomésticos integrables

Improve the aesthetics of our kitchen with these built-in appliances

Using and decorating these appliances we will achieve a more modern kitchen, with perfect harmony.

The vast majority of these models are minimalist in style, with light colors and straight lines, thus achieving an ideal and orderly aesthetic.

They are easier to clean

Being an integrated appliance, it does not leave any kind of physical space between a part of the appliance and the adjacent wall. These spaces are real nests of dirt and food remains, which remain there and are very difficult to clean, unless we remove the washing machine for example.

With integrable electrical appliances we will never have this problem. In addition, its front parts are very easy to clean, with the help of soap and water, a soft scouring pad and a cloth to finish you will have them in perfect condition.

electrodomésticos integrables bosch

Wide offer in the market

That’s right, in the market you can find a wide and varied offer in this class of built-in appliances. You can find all kinds of models of washing machines, dishwashers, clothes dryers, microwaves or microwave ovens or refrigerators and freezers.

They are models made of high quality stainless steel and with a very long useful life. They have all kinds of designs and colors, so you can adapt them to the design of your own kitchen.

As the offer is so wide, you can also find cheap built-in appliances to modernize your kitchen today when you decide to make a reform. Thus, you can find, for example, Balay, Bosch or LG built-in appliances among many others.

They are perfect for kitchens open to the living room

If you want to have your kitchen open to the living room of your house, these models of appliances are a winning bet. You can integrate them perfectly with the rest of the furniture in your home, achieving a perfect visual harmony.

Oferta en electrodomésticos integrables

Aspects to take into account when renovating your kitchen

Before you decide which built-in appliances to buy, you must take into account a number of aspects before. For example, it is important that you have 2 well-differentiated areas in your kitchen:

  • a hot part where the food will be cooked
    a cold area where we will keep our food well refrigerated

Always take into account the dimensions of each appliance that you are going to integrate and keep these spaces in mind in your kitchen beforehand.

As you can see, if you are thinking of reforming your kitchen in a comprehensive way, get in touch with our renovation company in Malaga and we will guide you throughout the process.

And do not forget to decide on integrated appliances and you will get all its advantages and benefits.

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