If you have thought about kitchen renovations in Malaga, come and meet Reforma del Sol. We have a long and extensive experience in comprehensive kitchen renovations, getting some excellent fast.

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Why reform the kitchen of your house

With the passage of time, both the appliances and the kitchen of your home deteriorate whether you want it or not, as can also happen with any countertop or furniture.

If that moment has come for you when you have considered reforming your kitchen in Malaga in the best possible way to modernize it at the current times, here we are going to tell you everything you need to know so that your reform is a success.

How much does it cost to reform a kitchen in the city of Malaga

To reform a kitchen you can invest the money you want or can. There are budgets for comprehensive kitchen renovations, renovating kitchen without work and many more possibilities.

It is important that you already know what type of reform you intend to carry out, that is, if you want, for example, to open your kitchen to your living room to turn it into an office or American kitchen, what type of appliances you want to buy and where to locate them, what kind of materials to use or the own kitchen design.

Do not worry that at Reformas Málaga del Sol we advise you on everything you require. We are a serious and fast company, meeting the deadlines agreed with the client and with a more than excellent value for money in terms of renovating kitchen in Malaga.

Ideas to renovate kitchen

Here we give you a series of ideas to reform a kitchen in the best possible way and without losing much of your budget, such as countertop installations among other things or all kinds of furniture.

The most avant-garde kitchens usually combine materials with different kinds of texture and color modalities. It is also often used a lot of materials such as wood or stone of the best quality or decorate it with vinyls.

Another very modern option is to use both drawers and built-in or hidden appliances, thus saving a lot of space.

Other possibilities when reforming your kitchen in Malaga is to select the extractor hood you want, you have them available in all kinds of colors or materials.

At the same time you can proceed to replace the sink, change the walls, coatings, paint and other types of material in terms of taps, to try to save your investment.

It is important at the same time to choose a good material for the countertop you want. Keep in mind that its surface will be the one that will suffer the most in your kitchen, so it is of vital importance when reforming the kitchen is to choose a resistant but quality material for your countertop.

As far as the coating is concerned, think that it is not necessary to cover all the walls with tiles, especially where you will have the countertop or the fires, since it will be the area that will accumulate the most splashes and grease. It is therefore important here to select a material coating that is easy to clean.

Also an important aspect is the distribution of the light you want in your kitchen, the more natural light you can get, the better, you will notice your kitchen with a life of its own!

Besides, the light points or the installation of the plugs should be kept in mind previously, since these types of connections are always hidden from the eyes of the curious.

We advise you at the same time that you allocate part of your budget to improve the kitchen furniture, especially in terms of cabinets. It is easy that after carrying out a reform we are short of space or we have not thought about the placement of cabinets to be able to store things such as dishes, pots or pans among other things.

Refurbish your kitchen with little money

If you do not have a large budget to reform your kitchen, here are a series of tips so that this reform is as economical as possible without giving up the best quality.

One of the aspects that will cost you the most money is the floor you have in mind, so if it is not very deteriorated, we advise you to keep it and your budget will go down a lot. Or if there is no other choice, you will have to perform installations. We have an article in our Blog where we tell you about the different types of floors for kitchens that exist.

When you buy appliances, buy those that are the most energy efficient so that your electricity bill is not seriously affected at the end of the month.

And always invest only in what you need, yes or yes, avoiding unnecessary luxuries that will only increase the final price of your comprehensive kitchen renovation.

Then we leave you with our gallery of photos of kitchen renovations in Malaga previously made by Reforma del Sol, so that you can see our work and you can rate us much better.

How much does it cost to reform a kitchen in Malaga

If you are thinking about how much it can cost to reform a kitchen in the city of Malaga, then we are going to detail a model budget so that you have an idea of the budget that you should allocate to said reform.

Take it for informational purposes only, since budgets can fluctuate based on many aspects as you have already seen.


In the event that a comprehensive reform of the kitchen of your home is required, then a removal of rubble is necessary. Remove all types of old tiles, plaster, or floor tiles.

The price will vary depending on the size of the kitchen, since it will not be the same to clear a 12 m2 kitchen than a larger one or with an island for example.

An approximate average price can be around € 1,000.

Kitchen furniture

Here give an indicative price of what it costs to reform a kitchen, since the offer in this type of furniture is very wide and varied. It will always be based on your tastes, your needs and the dimensions you have.


Kitchen countertop

Perhaps it is one of the most expensive aspects. Previously we have commented that it is important that the material of the countertop that you are going to buy is easy to clean at all times, such as laminate.


Example of type of countertops to reform your kitchen

The value of the countertops is measured by the meter, between € 200 and € 300 we can already find very beautiful and functional models.


Wall cladding

It will also depend to a greater extent on the quality of the material, generally ceramic is used to cover both walls and floors themselves.

Obviously, labor costs must be added to the price of these coatings.


False ceilings

An important aspect is the placement of false ceilings so that electrical or plumbing installations are hidden. About € 400 would be an average budget for this kind of service.



With regard to the carpentry of the kitchen such as windows, it usually costs around € 300-350 per window, both the removal of the old windows and the placement of the new ones. The most widely used today are white climalit aluminum windows.

Apart from all this, you can add electrical work, plumbing in Malaga or painting services to complete your kitchen reform.


Other services that we offer in our Malaga company

Apart from these types of reforms, we are specialists in other kinds of services such as those listed below:


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