When you want to carry out a comprehensive reform of a bedroom, it is important to take into account a series of aspects so as not to make a series of common mistakes. Once we’ve made the decision to make some changes to our apartment, attic, or house, we probably have a lot of questions about what this process entails.

As we have discussed, we often make mistakes regarding things that we have not initially considered, especially when hiring a renovation company.

In this article we highlight 8 aspects to take into account to perfectly reform your room.

Reformar una habitación

Things that should not be done during a room renovation

The purpose of the renovation is not clearly stated

When you are renovating a room, it is highly advisable to think ahead, to avoid making more changes within a short space of time. Write down your daily needs to start adapting your house to the inhabitants of it. If you need to remove the wall facing the garden to expand your living room, write it down as a goal to achieve during the renovation process.

Always contact professionals

When we think of renovating a room, we should always contact a professional renovation company in La Cala del Moral such as Reformas del Sol, with an excellent reputation. This company will advise us on the technical and legal terms related to your work.

This information is absolutely essential for our reform project to be carried out within the current legal limitations. For example, if you want to expand the room by taking part of the terrace, you should know if it is legal or not to do so.

Presupuesto para reformar un dormitorio

Request a quote without taking certain factors into account

When we are completely immersed in the search for a company to carry out our marriage room renovation, we often overlook important issues that we must never forget. A common mistake is requesting a budget and discarding details of great importance that could increase or decrease the final expense.

Therefore, when requesting a budget, it is crucial to be specific and detail the materials we want to use during the renovation: types of floors, furniture, finishes or various accessories.

All of them are of different quality and consequently have different prices. If we have a fixed budget that we cannot exceed, Reformas del Sol will advise you on the materials that would be most convenient to use.

Thinking that the renovation company does not need to visit the house before offering a quote

Another common mistake before starting the bedroom renovation process is accepting the budget from the construction company without a previous visit to the house in question. Unexpected situations may arise, which will inevitably change the final estimate.

For example, if you want to expand the children’s bedroom, but you have not realized that the parquet floor is different and more expensive, the final budget will change, which will cause unnecessary conflicts.

The visit of our team of professionals will also contribute positively to solving certain questions and will be able to advise you on the best way to carry out the project.

tener un proyecto para la reforma de la habitación

Do not elaborate a project

During the complete renovation process of a bedroom, it is very important to prepare a project that includes all the details of the renovations to be carried out. This will help us to see if the renovation company has understood the objectives we want to achieve. Communication between the business and the owners is key to a successful resolution.

Not having a work plan

Once the team of professionals to whom we will entrust the reform of our apartment has been chosen, we must request an extensive work plan with the steps that will be followed during the project, in order to evaluate if the works are progressing within the established deadline.

This is especially useful in cases where deadlines are not met, because that way we can ask the renovation company for an explanation.

Not having the necessary building permit

During the renovation process of a flat it is advisable to have the appropriate building permits that authorize us to carry out the renovations. You can request this type of permit at the Ayuntamiento de Málaga.

If you are doing some works in the garden of your house that affect your neighbor, you must acquire the necessary license that authorizes these changes. Applying for authorization is a simple process, but it is a formality that will save you a lot of trouble.

Permisos para la reforma de una habitación

Not participate in the development of remodeling works

It is highly advisable to participate in the complete renovation process of our bedroom. If we are not actively involved in the process, we may find out later that something was not done the way we wanted.

However, never be afraid to say that you do not like something, the professionals of the reforms will thank you, since as the saying goes: better late than never.

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