We already have summer just around the corner after a very difficult year and with it the days get much longer and the night takes much longer to arrive.

Today we want to give you a series of tips to make the most of the natural light in your home, even more so after the rise in light that we are experiencing. So through this same article, you yourself can save a few euros at the end of the month on your electricity bill.


How to distribute your home

It is important that in those areas of your house where there is much more natural light you try to take advantage of this circumstance.

What better way to achieve this than to try to leave that room as open as possible. And it is that the partitions that serve to separate the space also make us lose a lot of natural light and have rooms darker than they should be.

And in this sense it is also vitally important to distribute the furniture in your home in the best possible way. For example, you can choose to make use of glass tables, which are much brighter than a wooden table for example.

What color should the walls be

In this sense, it is important to use light colors that favor natural light more than artificial light. But not only the walls but we can also extrapolate it to the set of furniture or the floors of the room themselves.

In this sense, they work in an excellent way and how could it be otherwise, light colors such as white, neutral or pastel colors. Thanks to this type of color range we will gain much more luminosity in the room in which they are.

We will even gain in depth, giving the feeling that the room or living room is larger than it really is.


Windows and doors also play a fundamental role

A basic and essential aspect to make the most of natural light, especially during the summer season, are the windows and also, although to a lesser extent, the doors.

The windows are crucial to let in the light from the outside so, if we have everything well distributed, we will hardly have to use artificial light during the summer months.

The larger these are, the more light will enter through them, while it is also important where the windows are located.

Regarding the issue of doors, we will gain in natural light if we use sliding type doors instead of conventional doors.

Blinds and curtains

In this regard, both the blinds, the blinds themselves or the curtains also play a very important role in gaining much more natural light.

That is why they are as thin as possible so that the light from outside can pass through them and thus illuminate our room.


Get then with curtains made of linen and light colors, as we have commented for the case of the walls or floors.

Other type of accessories

There are other decoration accessories for a home that favor the incidence of natural light. For example, the use of mirrors will make us gain much more depth on the one hand and on the other it multiplies that light from outside within the room.

We hope from our renovation company in Cala del Moral this article has been of great help to you and you can make the most of the incidence of natural light in your home.

And if you need to undertake some type of related reform, do not hesitate to contact Reformas del Sol, we already have extensive experience in the world of home renovations.

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