If you have in mind to carry out a kitchen reform in Malaga it may be due to various reasons, for aesthetic reasons, because the floors or furniture have become outdated, your kitchen pipes tend to clog and that is why you decide to completely reform it by putting some examples.

If you are also determined to undertake this type of work at Reformas del Sol we want to give you the best ideas and keys to make it perfect for you. Reforming a kitchen in an integral way is not something that we do many times in our lives, so it is vitally important to take good care of a series of aspects that we will comment on below.

Why do you want to reform your kitchen

The previous step before contacting a renovation company in Malaga is how you want to distribute the spaces in your new kitchen. We advise you to contact a professional from the world of reforms beforehand.

Reformas de cocinas Málaga

Who better to advise you on everything you will need? You can see a 3D demonstration of how your future kitchen would look, you can add walls, floors, doors or furniture to see how they look and be able to make the most of every inch of space with which be counted.

What type of materials will be used

One of the most important aspects and that will also make your kitchen reform budget in Malaga vary, is the materials that are going to be used. There is a wide variety when we talk about materials, of higher or lower quality, more or less resistant. Floors, furniture, tiling of walls of greater or lesser quality, more or less expensive, all this you must keep in mind so that your reform is a success.

For example, when selecting what types of kitchen floors we want for our kitchen, there is a very wide range of possibilities:

  • Ceramic floors that are the most used where you can choose all kinds of finishes depending on your tastes.
  • Porcelain floor, which is much harder and more resistant than the previous one, which is why it is increasingly used in kitchen renovations in Malaga.
  • wooden floors that, although it is not very advisable for this room in the house, is decorative and warm at the same time.
  • stone floors
  • Laminate floors, the best option if you like this type of floor with the particularity that it does not need as much care as it happens with wooden floors.

Tipos de suelos de cocinas

Find a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality

It is important, as we have been commenting on, to take advantage of each space in your kitchen but always maintaining a balance between the decorative and aesthetic aspect and the functionality of said spaces.

This aspect will greatly influence the final budget for the reform of your kitchen in Malaga. Design kitchens have a much higher price than conventional kitchens since there are many differences in terms of the qualities of the materials used.

What furniture to use

Keep in mind that the furniture for this room must be resistant. Not surprisingly, the kitchen is the place in the house with more humidity, ignoring the bathrooms and it is where the furniture suffers much more wear, bumps or any type of scratches.

Today the market offer is very wide and more and more people are choosing decorative but functional furniture at the same time to equip renovated kitchens.

Furniture such as decorative extractor hoods, countertops, induction plates, drawers, all of them can be chosen more modern and minimalist or more robust and conventional.

The lighting

It is important that all areas of the kitchen are properly lit, especially if sunlight does not access this room of the house or does so very timidly.

Many people choose to place led lights on the ceiling since, apart from giving a much more modern touch, they are very functional and you can place them wherever you want.

iluminación en las reformas de cocinas

Smart kitchens

Another very valid option although it will be much more expensive is to choose, after a kitchen reform in the city of Malaga, smart kitchens. They are a type of kitchens technologically far superior to conventional ones, since they will make your work much easier.

They have all kinds of electronic and intelligent systems from where you can control all aspects of your kitchen such as lighting, turning on the oven and much more. To further complete this type of smart kitchen on the market you can find a good collection of appliances for this type of kitchen.

They are appliances such as a refrigerator that can remind us when we need what we need to go shopping, musical strings, you can leave notes to anyone who lives in your house and many other very valid options.

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