Throughout history, wood has been the construction material most used by man, thanks to its excellent characteristics of strength and resistance. The natural color of wood depends on the color of the cell walls and the substances present inside the cells, so it is a characteristic that tends to vary over time.

Exposure to air and light actually causes even noticeable variations in the pigmentation of cell walls. Among the peculiar qualities of a wooden floor are good thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, resistance to wear, hardness and elasticity, among other aspects.

In addition to creating a warm, elegant and welcoming atmosphere in each room where it is placed, wooden or parquet floors have a very long life: a simple survey is enough to completely renew it.

Parquet is a wooden surface that can be treated in various ways and gives a very sober appearance to domestic environments, as well as giving special and cozy tactile sensations.

Suelos de parquet

However, as it is characterized by being such a delicate material, parquet needs special care to stay beautiful and clean over time. For this reason, its installation in areas of the house with high frequentation and continuous contact with water, such as the kitchen and the bathroom, is usually avoided. Let’s see what are the best ways to clean parquet floors in the best possible way.

Ordinary parquet cleaning

Parquet is a difficult floor to maintain, since as we have commented previously, it is subject to phenomena such as light and humidity, due to which it could not only change color but also swell or shrink over the years. It is also very sensitive to mechanical stress and various substances that could damage or stain it dangerously!

The substances to avoid in parquet floors are any type of liquid in general and aggressive products such as alcohol or bleach in particular, but also substances that are used daily in the kitchen, such as oil, milk or wine.

Water is also not very parquet friendly and should not be spilled in large quantities. In the latter case, the water must be removed quickly to avoid halos and backlight spots. And it is that the excessive use of water is harmful because it tends to sneak between one tablet and another, through the microcracks that favor its penetration.

The retained moisture causes the wood to swell, a highly hygroscopic material, causing alterations. However, water should not be demonized, as when used properly and in proper amounts, it is necessary to carry out a more thorough cleaning!

On parquet pre-finished with oil, wax or varnish, this finish achieves optimum protection about 20-30 days after laying, if it is placed in light and air, in a healthy environment, with a humidity of 45-65% and a constant ambient temperature between 16 and 22 °. During this period it is advisable to pay more attention and wear soft shoes.

In the event of having to resort to other works in rooms with wooden coverings, it is advisable to protect the parquet by covering it with a breathable material of a soft and non-sticky thickness, so that the work on it causes scratches, dirt and bruises on the surface prefinished floor.

Limpieza de suelos de parquet

Regular cleaning of the parquet should be carried out by vacuuming the floor with parquet brushes or, alternatively, using electrostatic wipes.

This type of floor can be washed or polished as necessary, as specified in the technical data sheet of the product used, with a neutral detergent and a suitable protective polishing emulsion. Avoid the use of foamy, abrasive, acidic, corrosive substances, both chemical and natural, that can affect the surface.

The parquet treated with oil must be renewed periodically (one or more times a year), depending on the wear, treating it again with oil. It is a very simple but essential operation to moisten the surface and protect it again.

In the case of wooden floors with a varnish finish, the renovation of this type of flooring is carried out with polish or wax emulsions that keep the varnish in good condition. Any extraordinary restoration operation must be evaluated with qualified technical operators, through sanding and subsequent surface finishing.

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Some practical tips to protect the parquet

To keep the characteristics of a parquet floor intact for as long as possible, there are some general rules to be followed, which apply to all types of parquet:

  • always ventilate the rooms in which the parquet is laid.
  • keep the room temperature between 15 and 22 ° C and keep the relative humidity of the ambient air between 45% and 65%. This type of soil tends to shrink in dry air and swell in humid air.
  • On the other hand, by keeping the temperature and humidity at the correct point, dangerous cracks and fissures can be avoided.
    do not cover the parquet with rugs for a long time.
  • When cleaning the parquet, do not pour water directly on the floor, but always use a damp and well wrung cloth;
  • protect it in case of work and always use cleaning and maintenance products recommended by suppliers.
  • always keep a doormat at the entrance and wear footwear that won’t scratch the floor at any time.
  • make use of felt pads under the chairs to avoid unsightly scratches on the surface.
  • Do not use steam engines that can damage it, preferring instead fringed brooms or specific cloths for cleaning wooden floors, which do not scratch but effectively remove dust and debris.
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