If you plan to make an enclosure on your terrace but do not know where to start, Reformas del Sol helps you. For example, to know what price a terrace enclosure would have, a series of factors come into play that will make the value increase or be cheaper.

With today’s article we want to clear up any doubts you may have when undertaking a terrace enclosure reform in your home, so don’t miss any details.

Types of enclosure you have available

In the current market there are different alternatives when it comes to making a terrace enclosure and that will totally affect the final price of this kind of renovation. Let’s see what exactly these models are.


Terrace enclosure with wood

Wood is a resistant material but it requires a lot of care to keep it in perfect condition and in what concerns us today even more. Being a terrace enclosure, this wood will be continuously exposed to atmospheric changes and all kinds of phenomena such as rain, cold, snow or winds.

Of course, we will achieve a beautiful aesthetic as it is a 100% natural material at the same time that we will achieve a much warmer space than if we use other materials to make this enclosure, in addition to isolating you from the outside in very good ways.

PVC enclosures

More and more people are opting for this kind of enclosure for their terraces. Among its main benefits we must highlight its resistance, at the same time that it is a versatile and very light material.

cerramiento de terraza mediante pvc

It insulates from outside noise in a perfect way, as is the case with wood, although perhaps its biggest drawback is that it is a kind of white material that tends to yellow over time.

Terrace enclosures using aluminum

It is undoubtedly the most durable material of the 3 and does not require as great a maintenance as it does with wooden enclosures. As with PVC, aluminum is a type of material that is especially light and highly resistant to outside atmospheric changes.

Perhaps its weakest point is that it does not insulate much compared to the other 2 enclosures described above.

cerramiento de terraza con aluminio

Other aspects to take into account when closing the terrace of your house

There are another series of aspects that will influence the final price of this renovation work, such as the ones we list below.

The height of the enclosure

It falls by its own weight but it will not cost you the same to close a terrace of greater height than to make an enclosure at medium height. That is, the final square meters directly influence the final price, so it is an aspect that you must keep in mind at all times.

Enclosure opening type

We can find many different options in the market when choosing the opening we want. Let’s see what possibilities we have here:

  • Oscillating openings: they are a type of opening in which only the upper part of the enclosure will open, as with any oscillating window.
  • Folding openings: it is the most common that we can find and in this case the opening is done either outwards or inwards.
  • Sliding openings: in this case the leaves will move through a series of lanes created for this purpose.

Folding openings: for these certain cases the sheets fold on themselves, a very important aspect if we do not have enough space on our terrace.

What are the prices of the crystals to close my terrace

Finally, the type of glass you select for the enclosure will also affect the final value of these renovation works. Here we must take into account, among other aspects, the insulation of the noise from the outside, as well as the thermal insulation or also what kind of protection they can offer us against the sun’s rays.

So how much can it cost me?

As a guide, we are going to indicate the prices that these types of terrace enclosures may cost you, but do not take these prices at face value because the final value may not be adjusted to what you see below.

That is why each enclosure should be looked at individually and we always advise you to request a prior estimate from your renovation company.

  • For wooden enclosures: between 250 and 500 euros per square meter.
  • For PVC enclosures: € 150-300 per m2.
  • Aluminum enclosures: between 250-400 euros per m2.
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