Very often, when you decide to carry out a home renovation, it also involves covering the floors, a more or less invasive operation depending on the technique that is implemented.

In today’s article we want to solve any questions you may have in this regard with the different options available to you in case you want to carry out a home renovation in Cala del Moral or wherever.


Cover an existing floor

The complete renovation of a floor involves several associated works: if the existing floor has to be removed and the pavement redone, the work takes an average of 10 to 15 days. A much faster solution is to superimpose a new surface on the original using thin PVC, laminate or ceramic plates, resins or cement. In this case, the thickness of the new floor is only 3-5 mm so as not to intervene in the doors to ensure their movement.

It is a very popular and widespread solution, as it reduces work time and limits inconvenience. In addition, it is usually cheaper than the other options: in fact, depending on the technique used and the materials used, the costs of laying a new floor in your home are very different, as are the final results.

Renovate the house and redo the floor

If you decide to demolish the existing floor, you will need to add some items of expenses to the budget, keeping in mind that the rubble must be transported to a landfill for disposal.


The costs of demolition are different depending on the material from which the floor is made: for example, in the case of ceramic tiles with a thickness of 2 cm, the prices are approximately € 11 per square meter, also considering transport from the rubble. If, on the other hand, we are talking about marble or granite, it rises to a minimum of 16 euros per square meter (always speaking of merely indicative prices).

Once the old flooring has been removed, the new flooring is made, which must be perfectly smooth and homogeneous to properly support the floor. There are several types of subfloor that can be made, although in most cases a mixture of sand and cement is chosen.

In this case, the cost of materials, labor and finishing is € 25 per m2, but the price may vary depending on the thickness of the substrate.

The choice of cladding materials and prices

There are many different materials to choose from for floor coverings: some are suitable for a classic-style home, others for modern settings. Prices vary considerably depending on the material chosen.

One of the most popular solutions is porcelain stoneware, which is available in a wide range of tiles of different sizes and colors. It is a very versatile solution, hard, compact, resistant to stains and scratches and durable over time.

Completely waterproof, porcelain stoneware can be monochrome or adopt various graphic effects. It can also perfectly reproduce many materials, such as wood, natural stone and marble. Depending on the desired effect, the format and the level of quality, the prices range between 10 and 45 euros per m2 approximately.

However, when it comes to natural stone floors, it must be borne in mind that these solutions cover a wide range of prices: slate, marble, granite, porphyry, Trani stone and Lecce stone have a great variety, so it is necessary to contact specialized companies to obtain a quote.

Parquet is very popular because the natural material used brings elegance, warmth and functionality to the environment. In fact, wood is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, so it contributes to making a room comfortable and gives it added value thanks to the beauty of the grain on the surface.

There are 2 types of parquet:

  • those made from solid wood slats are more valuable and cost more
  • pre-finished products, on the other hand, use modular elements made from pieces of wood with a wooden panel covering the core of the batten

In both cases, prices vary greatly depending on the essence used, since they are cheap or valuable. In the case of solid wood, prices range from 40 euros per square meter for oak planks to 60 euros for walnut.

Pre-finished parquet, on the other hand, can be found for € 20-30 per m2.


Installation costs

Installation costs vary greatly depending on the technique used and the material. If the new floor is superimposed on the existing one, the costs are reduced. In any case, it must be taken into account that the realization of decorative designs or particular geometries increases the amount of the expense.

The labor costs for laying stone floors are around 20-30 euros per square meter, while in the case of parquet it goes from 25 to 50 euros depending on whether it is a pre-finished product or solid wood. .

Finally, in the case of tiles, the cost increases depending on the format.

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