If you have decided to change the bathtub for a shower tray, we congratulate you, because it has many advantages, despite the fact that you will never be able to bathe at home again. Saying goodbye to those relaxing baths that you prepared at home after a hard day at work will say goodbye to make way for a shower tray.

You should know that it is one of the most requested reforms by our clients in La Cala del Moral, so at Reformas del Sol we are true specialists in bathroom renovations in Malaga with excellent results.

Pay attention to everything that we are going to tell you below so that your bathroom reform is a success.

bañera o plato de ducha

What is a shower tray

A shower tray is a stone that can be made with very different kinds of materials such as acrylic, natural stone or ceramic shower trays.

The shower tray is placed on the floor of our toilet and thanks to it we avoid water leaks while acting as an insulator, leading the water from our shower through the drain in an orderly manner.

There is a great variety in the market of this type of dishes for bathrooms, both in size, shapes and colors, you can even order your renovation company in Malaga to make it to measure, so the options are almost endless. in this aspect.

Cómo cambiar la bañera por un plato de ducha paso a paso

How to change the bathtub for a shower tray step by step

In case you are a handyman and have experience in the field of renovations, here are the steps to change a bathtub for a shower tray in a professional way.

Close the stopcock

The first step you must do is to cut off the water in the house by closing the tap, logically we do not want to set up a pool at home.

Disassemble the faucet

The next thing will be to disassemble the bathtub faucet with the help of tools, whether it has a hose or the faucet controls themselves. Take advantage also and unscrew the nut of the drain.

Remove the bathtub

Once the previous steps have been done, it is time to remove our bathtub. They are usually quite heavy so if you have the help of someone it will be much easier. But before that, you will need to remove or remove the wall tiles that surround the bathtub.


Once the tiles have been removed, you will also have to remove the subsequent bricks with the help of a scraper and cold cutter to leave the wall practically smooth.

Now will be the ideal time to remove the bathtub from your bathroom.

Modification of pipes

If you had not noticed before, the faucets of the shower trays are much higher than those of the bathtub, basically to be able to manipulate them more easily once we are showering. That is why you will have to adapt the water pipes to this fact.

You must take into account the measures where the pipes will rise, leave space in the bricks for this purpose. Once this is done, it is time to modify the pipes, which you can cut with a radial to adapt the elbows. Once we have the new pipes of pipes prepared and ready, it will be time to apply a layer of stripper, place the new pipes and seal them by means of a small welding with a blowtorch for example.

Let’s go with the drain

Once we have the tubes definitively assembled, we will square the drain. In the vast majority of cases in which we have replaced a bathtub with a shower tray, the drain does not fit, so it will have to be rectified. You can find different video tutorials on the internet that will be of great help in this step.

colocar plato de ducha

Placing the plate in our bathroom

Once all the previous steps have been carried out, it will be time to place our new shower tray. Once the area is presented and adapted, we will make the necessary movements so that the stone fits perfectly and, with the help of a level, we will also make sure that it is perfectly level.

Next, we will place the parts of the drain as indicated by the manufacturer in question.

Tiling process

Once we have installed our plate, the next step is to tile the walls to protect it against the remains of dirt or possible fractures by different accidental blows that can always happen. Once the bathroom wall has been tiled with the desired tiles, we will have the work finished and it will be time to test our shower tray!

beneficios plato de ducha

Benefits of having a shower tray

As we have commented at the beginning of this article, changing a bathtub for a plate has many benefits, such as those that we list below.

They get larger bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom with a bathtub, the best thing you can do to save space is to change it as soon as possible. In the market you can find shower trays of different sizes and dimensions with which you can make the most of the reduced dimensions of your bathroom.

You will save more water

It is a fact that a shower consumes much less water than a bath, which will save you a few euros at the end of the month.

baños modernos

Improve the aesthetics of your bathroom

With the wide variety of models we can greatly improve the aesthetics of our bathroom or toilet in a simple and easy way.

They are safer

When we get older or have people at home with reduced mobility, it is essential to have a shower tray at home. Its access is much easier and more comfortable than a bathtub and you can place fixtures such as a railing to catch yourself, something that you could not do in a bathroom with a bathtub.

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