Reformas del Sol is one of the carpentry companies in Malaga where we offer the best services to each and every one of our clients with excellent results, with the favorable opinion of all clients being our best guarantee. We have a wide and varied experience in Malaga wood carpentry with excellent results. We offer our carpentry services in central Malaga, Ronda or El Palo and we adapt perfectly to your needs. Thus, we carry out all kinds of work related to carpentry such as floating flooring, design of built-in wardrobes, assembly of complete kitchens or manufacture of custom furniture, as well as aluminum carpentry in Malaga capital.

Hombre haciendo trabajos de carpintería de madera en Málaga

Wood Carpentry Jobs in Malaga

We are a carpentry company in Malaga that offers the best finishes down to the last detail and with an excellent value for money. We also work in wood carpentry in Vélez Málaga, for example, making all our work with noble woods and always of the highest quality to achieve perfect results at home. Dressing cabinets, drawers or accessories such as shoe racks or coatings in general. Also the best wood coverings, adapting spaces to wooden furniture. We place wooden doors of the highest quality, placement of moldings, frames or flashing as well as floor doors or joinery carpentry in carrying out work. We even offer walk-in closets on all kinds of parquet, floating floors or skirting boards. And it is that wooden surfaces are the ones that wear out the most over time, so it is important to be very careful when installing this type of carpentry material, advising all our clients regarding maintenance and cleaning that should be done in the future.

Trabajos de carpintería de aluminio en Málaga

Carpintería de aluminio Málaga

With regard to aluminum carpentry, we only work on all kinds of projects and with the best possible materials to be able to offer a unique and unbeatable product to our clients. We already have an extensive and long history in a wide variety of jobs related to aluminum. We work both within the industrial sector and domestic reform, counting on the best team of carpenters you can find. Our company carries out aluminum and PVC metal carpentry work in Malaga. Realization of windows to measures in climalit aluminum, with which we not only isolate your home or workplace from outside noise, but also from cold or heat, depending on the time of year in which we are. Aluminum work stands out for its high quality, its comfort and it has many advantages, among which we highlight its lightness in terms of weight or its easy maintenance. It is also a highly resistant material that stands out because it hardly suffers damage as it is an oxygenated material by its nature, so it will not rust at any time. To all this we must add that aluminum carpentry in Malaga is not toxic but quite the opposite, since it respects the environment at all times since its manufacture does not require a high energy cost. Thanks to all this, aluminum carpentry is excellent for the elaboration of all kinds of roofs, windows, facades or enclosures with excellent results.

Trabajos de carpintería de exterior en Málaga capital

Carpintería de Exterior

We also carry out all kinds of exterior carpentry work with the best features. Among them, placement, maintenance and repair of outdoor wooden floors with teak wood, construction and installation of outdoor furniture such as chairs, benches or sun loungers. Also pergolas or fixed and mobile structures made of wood or any other material such as aluminum for the enclosure of terraces. Door installation and many more construction products await you in our carpentry company. And it is that in outdoor installations, the advice we give to customers is based on the use and use of a teak oil treatment on the surface to be treated 2 times a year, in summer and winter. Thanks to this, we will avoid the wear of the material due to climatic changes in temperature and humidity, thus protecting our work in wood carpentry in Malaga and extending its useful life at the same time. In summer, for example, especially on the Costa del Sol where temperatures are high, we recommend watering the wooden floor to moisten it and thus preserve it from possible cracks or deterioration. Let’s not forget that wood is a type of carpentry material that is exposed to all kinds of microorganisms, fungi and insects, so its beauty can be affected if we do not protect it in the correct way. Material that is perfect for use in all types of doors and we can give you more ideas in wood construction or door assembly. Request now your budget without commitment in our Carpentry company in Malaga and our team of professionals will guide you in everything you require.

Trabajos de reformas en Málaga Del Sol

Other services of Reformas Málaga Del Sol

Apart from our excellent work in all types of metalwork, we also offer all kinds of solutions to our clients. We are also experts in bathroom reform in Malaga with a very economic cost, having of the best sanitary or tiled and taps. We also carry out floor changes in any bathroom. We offer service of painters in Malaga with excellent results of great quality or service of plumbers in Malaga, since we have a multidisciplinary team to be able to offer perfect results. And we cannot forget about the integrals kitchen renovations in Malaga in case you need to change your kitchen completely with a more than excellent value for money. Get in touch right now through our phone or with our Contact Form with our company and we will be happy to offer you all the information and help you in everything you require. We will study your project thoroughly!

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