Installing new aluminum windows and doors is not something that is done frequently. You always have to take into account many factors before buying some models or others. How to choose the right aluminum windows and doors for your house? Well, in this article today we help you with all the information you need.

ventanas y puertas de aluminio

Prices of this type of windows and doors

The prices of this class of aluminum elements vary greatly depending on the quality of the product and its installation.

In general, aluminum windows and doors are used mainly for offices and commercial activities, and to a lesser extent for homes, although more and more people are opting for double glazed windows, for example, thanks to the fact that they isolate noise from the outside .

Below you can find a table with approximate prices of this type of elements:

Material Dimensions in cm Prices with labor
Aluminum 50*50 300€
Aluminum 100*100 600€
Aluminum 120*100 750€

Choose the right aluminum window frame

Windows and doors surround us every day and are very important because, by contributing significantly to keeping your home at a controlled temperature, they directly affect the consumption of heating or air conditioning in homes.

Before buying new windows, it is good to get a quote. The price of new windows depends on many factors, such as material, workmanship, and size. Aluminum windows are usually more expensive than PVC ones. Another element to consider is the type of opening: for example, a casement window costs less than a sliding window.

The cost of aluminum windows and doors depends not only on the size, but also on the workmanship of the company. In Reformas del Sol La Cala del Moral you will always find the best prices on all types of reforms.

What advantages do they have

Aluminum is a material appreciated for its elegance and frequently used in the manufacture of frames. Known for its strength, lightness and resistance, it is an extremely durable material. The aluminum frames are well resistant to atmospheric agents and do not require constant maintenance or specific care.


ventajas ventanas de aluminio

Aluminum windows and doors, if installed with specific glazing, help to increase the thermal and acoustic insulation capacity of the exterior. This is due to the special treatments carried out during production, such as thermal break technology, which guarantees exceptional performance and protects from heat in summer and cold in winter.

These are the main advantages offered by this type of aluminum elements:

  • Thermal isolation
  • Security
  • Acoustic isolation
  • Endurance
  • Long life
  • Lightness
  • Design

Aluminum frames with thermal break

Normal frames, due to the so-called thermal bridge, cannot guarantee perfect thermal coverage. To solve this problem, companies have started to manufacture a specific profile called thermal break aluminum frames.

Marcos de aluminio con rotura de puente térmico

These types of frames make it possible to significantly reduce air and possibly water infiltrations thanks to a process that is based on the principle of interrupting the continuity of the metal. In short, it is about inserting a special material with low thermal conductivity in correspondence with an internal chamber of the profile.

Taking advantage of this principle, aluminum windows with thermal break guarantee excellent insulation, improve tightness in terms of thermal dispersion and allow considerable energy savings. The legislation on energy requalification of buildings also allows a tax deduction of 65% for the replacement of windows and doors in compliance with the new regulations.

Always compare quotes

Before buying, it is important to compare several suppliers of aluminum windows and doors in your province to be able to choose the most advantageous offer.

Puertas de aluminio

New windows and doors require an investment. However, you have the opportunity to save when buying aluminum windows. Requesting a budget without obligation does not take long to install them in the best possible way. You can contact us through this form and we will be happy to quote the replacement of your doors and windows cheaply and professionally.

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