Do you need ideas to renovate your home but don’t know where to start? Well, do not worry because from Reformas del Sol we have for you 10 ideas to reform your home in the best possible way and without having to invest a lot of money in it.

1. Create furniture with pallets

One way to renovate your home spending less than 1,000 euros is to use pallets. This form is truly innovative and more and more people are opting for this system, both for its simplicity and its lower cost. If you have the possibility of using used pallets you can create sofas or armchairs, but also wooden tables with a really solid structure and other possibilities. Here you have an example of it.

Muebles hechos de palets

The process is also very simple, since all you have to do is treat the wood and paint it to your liking to have a totally new piece of furniture. In addition, this procedure is very useful to save money and adopt an ecological and fashionable style. The environmental impact, thanks to the recycling of materials, is really minimal.

2. DIY bathroom renovations on the second-hand market

If you are looking for ideas to reform the bathroom and you do not want to invest a lot of money in it, you can certainly turn to second hand. Many households dispose of their bathroom accessories after a few months, due to a change in style or personal taste. With more sanitary items, hygienically treated in advance, you can mix more styles and create a truly unique vintage effect.

If you decide to adopt this style to give your bathroom a new look, you can also extend the idea to tiles: by mixing several different styles you can create something unique. You can also change the positions of the toilets, to breathe new life into the bathroom. The old style is very widespread, so reusing furniture that may have been in another house, like your parents’ for example, could give a useful touch.

reformas de cuarto de baño plato de ducha

For those who love style, the use of vintage objects and furniture from other times can also be a good option that is part of the ideas to reform a home with a small economic investment.

3. Create a bedroom in the loft

Do you need an extra bed and room, but your home is somewhat small or taller than others? If you live in an attic you can find a really unique solution to renovate your home. In fact, a loft or the presence of a similar space can help you create an extra room. All you need is a prefabricated staircase, either spiral or classic, to have direct access to the attic.

Returning to the idea of pallet furniture, you can remodel your attic with a little paint and create some inexpensive furniture. Especially if you want to make a room for the smallest of the house, a loft can be ideal. An extra place without having to redesign the walls or structures of the house, using simple but very effective ideas. In case of defects that do not compromise the structure, it is enough to use a wallpaper that suits the whole style.

4. Optimize space with drywall

Many times there are families that have two children, a boy and a girl, the same old couple but at home they only have a single bedroom. If you don’t have a lot of space and you want to renovate your house, this could be a real problem. The need to have two rooms is there, so you have to invent something.

Among the many ideas to renovate your home economically is also using plasterboard walls to divide a room. In fact, a bedroom can be divided directly from a plasterboard wall, to give an intimate space to both.

paneles de yeso reformas casa

The economic savings that this will mean is considerable and the solution is really fast. To complete the work in the best possible way, simply add a retractable door that completely divides the room without intervening with frames and counter frames. This alternative could be useful for anyone who wants to have an alternative solution that is very easy to implement, without having to intervene directly in the entire structure of the house.

5. Personalize the walls with wallpaper or vinyl

The renovation of walls and walls can be an expensive solution for anyone: in fact, you run the risk of having to intervene directly in the entire structure of the house. That is why to avoid this, it is enough to correct the defects of the wall and directly modify the walls or smooth a wall. If, for example, you have a leak, all you have to do is restructure the defect in the wall after completing a renovation.

There are those who are content to paint after remodeling the walls of a bedroom, but wallpaper or the use of vinyl could be an optimal solution for DIY. In fact, you can choose from many options in today’s market based on your taste. In fact, painting could create problems if you decide to change your style. Wallpaper, on the other hand, is very useful to have a direct and very practical solution: each time you can choose a different style and decorate it according to your style or the use that you are going to give the room. The decoration, in fact, will also change depending on who uses the room later, be it a boy or a girl or their age.

6. Recycle furniture and turn it into new accessories

Looking for ideas to renovate your home and furniture? There are many alternative solutions, such as recycling old furniture. How? Surely you can use an old bookcase as a coffee table for the living room, or a frame for a baby bed. Knowing how to work wood and restore it in the best way can be very useful to understand how to reuse the furniture that you had decided to throw away. In this way, you can use an old piece of furniture and give it a new life. If not, you can always contact us, since we are specialists in the treatment of wooden furniture.

reciclar muebles de madera

With old furniture you can really create a lot of new DIY things, especially if the structure is linear or simple. Even an old wooden cupboard can become a bookcase or a desk. Also in this case, the wallpaper can be a very simple and fast coating to remodel a small room. Only an old children’s room can allow you to have different furniture, you just have to know how to play with renovation and wood.

7. Renovate windows to improve efficiency

Renovating aluminum windows and doors can also be a good idea to improve the efficiency of your home. Changing windows and doors could be costly and cost more than anticipated. In any case, you should try to renew your windows and doors that you are going to work on, especially if they show signs of wear due to use or the passage of time.

In this way, you will avoid having to invest too much money and, at the same time, you can revive your windows, perhaps by using a different decorating style and improving efficiency, as is the case with aluminum windows. You can also use old windows and doors, using the same technique. First an improvement acting on the wear and damaged areas of the window, and then an action on the exterior decoration. In this way, you will spend less money and the renovation will take place in a relatively short time, since it will not be necessary to create custom frames and the old doors and windows will have a new life.

8. Take advantage of small spaces with suspended furniture

Making the most of a room with little space can be ideal to take advantage of all the available space. In fact, in a small area you can come up with really good solutions.

Take for example a closet or a small, unused room. If it is not used properly, you run the risk of wasting a space and having problems in other rooms. In order to create a bedroom in a small place, it is enough to have suspended decoration accessories. A folding bed on the wall, or a suspended chandelier that takes up less space: there are many solutions and it is possible to really invent anything to try to improve your house or your room.

Knowing how to manage the space with similar furniture can be very convenient from many points of view. Also, if you are looking for unused accessories in another room, the effect can be really incredible, but above all inexpensive.

9. Create a DIY open space between the kitchen and dining room

Space problems in the house? An open space between the kitchen and the dining room could be an alternative. If you have a kitchen that borders directly on the dining room, then you can choose to remove the wall. In this way, you will have more space to create an open space where you can put everything. You can also choose not to completely tear down the wall, but to leave only the part that is underneath.

reformar vivienda de forma barata

10. Refresh furniture with decoupage

If you want to renovate your house and furniture and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, surely you can renew old furniture bought in an antique dealer. But how? Many of them are worked and it is difficult to renovate, but with a little imagination you can reform your house easily and quickly. In fact, there is a technique that allows you to intervene in the style without affecting the shape: we are talking about decoupage and a way to give new life to your furniture.

Decoupage is a technique that involves gluing images taken from paper with vinyl glue. The glue fixes on the paper and transfers the image onto the object without showing the contours of the paper. In this way, the furniture seems to have these painted designs: the most popular is decoupage with floral or vegetable shapes. Old or slightly damaged furniture can be recovered with this technique that gives them a new life, and also creates unique and unrepeatable pieces. Decoupage is one of the lowest cost but most effective decorative techniques for the home.

We hope that with these simple tips you can have more ideas to reform your home without having to invest a fortune in it.

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