Reformas del Sol is a company with more than 15 years of experience working throughout the Costa del Sol. We carry out small repairs, masonry, plumbing, carpentry and installations, to comprehensive projects of reforms and rehabilitation. Demanding with ourselves, we have a specialized team that will advise you at all times, always working with quality materials to meet all your expectations.


We perform all kinds of work related to electrical installations, both complete removal of a house installation and a building, from the change of electrical panel, installation or change of mechanisms, arrangement of existing facilities, replacement of wiring, switching problems electrical, installation and / or repair of points of light, installation or change of lamps. We also take care of advising the client in terms of power to hire, we perform general installations from the counters to the houses, electric heating systems, installation and / or change of air conditioning units, radiators, electric water heaters, accumulators, etc … We carry out the complete installation and equipment of kitchens, installation of extractor hoods, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, whatever their typology, both evacuation, condensation and with heat pump, we install vitro ceramics in cluso in island, refrigerators, freezers, wine cellars and in general all the small and big household appliance usually used in kitchen being able to customize this installation to the client’s taste, fitting the appliances in the own furniture and favoring, in this way, the aesthetic aspect of the work .

We carry out, likewise, maintenance and repair work, we solve all kinds of faults related to blackouts, short circuits, connections, fuses, or any problem with any mechanism or electrical panel. We also advise, plan and design all kinds of exterior lighting systems, placement of light points on farms, street lamps or high power lighting systems. We customize, install and repair all types of domestic and industrial facilities, in warehouses, commercial premises , factories, communities, villas …).

We work and collaborate not only with the best installers but we also use first-class materials and brands of recognized prestige, which deepens the quality of our services and gives customers a guarantee, which allows us to offer a full guarantee of the work carried out and almost immediate assistance in the event of any incident.


Water leaks, change of faucets or hoses, both in renovations and refurbishment and in new construction design and execute plumbing installations, we manage the discharge of service, we manage the bulletins of new supplies and perform all kinds of work: Installations, repairs and maintenance of taps, drains, bathtubs, all kinds of whirl systems and jacuzzis. showers both prefabricated and work using materials such as river stone or marble that improve the aesthetics of the bathroom. Spraying systems in gardens, installation of storage tanks and water tanks and communal DHW or in single-family homes, installation and design of gutters, replacement and repair of downspouts, repair of swimming pools, losses and leaks, and revision of purification and cleaning devices, water leaks, change of faucets or hoses, humidity and leaks, location, repair, water channeling where appropriate, and waterproofing, repair, review and installation of fire systems. Elimination of leaks and draining of floods, placement of toilets, desaturation, placement, preparation and replacement of symphonic boats, bathtubs and bidets, solution of bad odors in bathrooms and kitchens.

Reformas del Sol not only executes the installation and carries out the maintenance and repair of all the installations, but also carries out complete projects for kitchens and bathrooms, which is an advantage for the client who is not concerned about the whole process, from the design until the distribution of the different constructive elements.


Paint or paper on walls, furniture, doors, railings, all kinds of painting work, both interior and exterior, of facades and interiors of homes, light patios of buildings, patios, access areas and garages, terraces, bars, railings, interior of apartments, rooms, living room, kitchen, bathrooms, using pigments and paints suitable for each surface and use to obtain greater durability and customer satisfaction. All types of surfaces are painted (tile, wood ) but that these works are prepared previously and in a conscientious way in order to obtain a high quality finish, smoothing walls and removing gotelé even using perlite or other systems of elimination of this type of unsightly constructive solutions. We lacquered furniture and doors to achieve a more uniform finish and installed high quality paper on walls and removed old paper by performing the appropriate treatment to be able to repaint or place new paper.


We have a high degree of specialization in masonry works as the basis of any type of constructive action, whether repairing or rehabilitating or whether new or new construction, we believe that only from an optimal execution of the masonry work and the use of Suitable materials and first quality (brick, mortar, cement, tiles, plasterboard, ferralla, etc …) can achieve a quality final work. In short, we understand the work of masonry as the basis of any work of reform or new construction and therefore special care is taken in the execution of the same. Construction of exterior and interior walls, for which we use different types of bricks or blocks, from different-thickness scrapers to concrete blocks of different thickness depending on the characteristics of the wall or partition and the customer’s order. We perform soundproofing work on partitions and walls as well as ceilings and slabs, laying tiles and insulating material such as polyethylene, rock wool and other thermal and acoustic insulation materials depending on the needs and location of the area to be isolated and the customer’s needs. . Construction of chimneys, through the use of refractory brick of first quality, placement of interior and exterior floors. We advise the client on the type, durability and optimum soils for each use and placement, giving the outdoor floors the suitable slope and executing the necessary drains to avoid leaks and humidity, with connection to downpipes, collectors and gutters. We carry out all types of waterproofing works on terraces, both in floors and in breastplates, laying asphalt fabric, overlaps to avoid water inlets, realization of the necessary expansion joints to avoid future cracks and humidity. We solve problems of exterior waterproofing in closing walls, in planters, cracks and fissures are repaired, as well as in facades and interior of homes. In facades the area is sanitized and treated using a special mortar and waterproofing materials before proceeding to the final inspection and finishing. We carry out the complete tiling of all types of rooms, both kitchen and bathrooms or patios, using the best cement in the market to increase the durability of the work. We reestablished completely and redistributed any home, either by demolition and reconstruction of partitions or by installing plasterboard prior placement of guides, facilities and insulation material. We carry out all types of shuttering work, execution of floors and roofs, etc …

For the realization of our work not only we adapt to the tastes and needs of the client but we are also aware of the aesthetic obligations that may involve the municipal regulations of the various municipalities of the Costa del Sol in terms of colors, materials, type of shingles or certain prescriptions to which the different Plans of Urban Ordinance and corresponding Ordinances oblige.


We work with noble woods and top quality, always at the customer’s choice, as complementary works to reforms or construction of a new plant, either with our own means or working with the best suppliers in the sector, we carry out high quality carpentry work, among they:

We adapt all types of spaces to furniture and vice versa, we make wood paneling, placement of exposed beams, main and step doors, placement of moldings, flashing, frames. Supply and installation of all types of park, skirting boards, floating floors, wardrobes and dressers, drawers, and all kinds of accessories such as pants or shoemats and coatings in general, installation, adaptation and execution of complete kitchen projects, equip or complete the already existing adding cabinets, cupboards, drawers.

Placement, maintenance and repair of exterior wooden floors with teak wood, external wooden closures, fences, railings, garden doors, construction and installation of outdoor furniture such as benches, chairs or loungers, metal, aluminum and PVC windows and access doors to terraces or porches, placement and supply of terrace closures in glass or light, pergolas and fixed or mobile structures of wood or any other type of material for the closing of terraces.

Wood surfaces are undoubtedly the most worn out over the years and therefore the care that must be taken when installing this material and advise the customer regarding maintenance and cleaning is much greater. In outdoor installations, the advice given to our customers, and the maintenance we offer, is based on the use of a teak oil treatment on the entire surface twice a year: one in summer and another in autumn, what avoids the wear by changes of temperature, and the humidity, protecting in this way the wood and lengthening its useful life.

In summer, especially on the Costa del Sol, where temperatures are high, it is advisable to “water” the wooden floor to moisten it and preserve it from possible cracks. Wood is a material that is exposed to microorganisms, insects and fungi, so its beauty can be turned off if we do not protect it correctly in exteriors.


In addition to the works of rehabilitation, reform and new construction, our company has a clear vocation of continued assistance to the client through a wide offer for the performance of small repair and maintenance works that extend the life of the works and constructions and, consequently, they represent a long-term saving for the client.

Repairs are carried out on roofs with installation and replacement of tiles, repairs and adjustments to doors, windows, blinds so that they work properly and do not end with breakages and deterioration that require a total replacement. Drains, plumbing, pipes are unclogged, faucets are decalcified, gutters and downspouts are cleaned, inspected for possible damage that could lead to the uselessness of the installation.

The general condition of electrical installations, plumbing, gas and air conditioning installations is reviewed, especially in old homes or with more than 20 years of construction, in such a way that future breakdowns are anticipated or the small incidents that may arise are resolved. the usual use. It acts on facades and outdoor areas to prevent leaks or generation of moisture repairing cracks and fissures even trasdosando walls and channeling the possible sources and origin of water that generates such humidity until they disappear completely.

Calorific leaks are solved by means of the adequate thermal insulation of houses, thus optimizing the energy consumption, which represents a considerable saving for the client.

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