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Restorations in Malaga and the Costa del Sol

More often than not homes and buildings will require a cleaning or restoration of the facade and roof. Exposure to the elements or the environment are the main causes of problems such as brick work loosing its colour, paintwork fading or peeling to more serious structural damage such as cracks appearing in the building envelope.

Reformas del Sol offers all kinds of restoration and maintenance work on old and new properties and we are highly experienced in all areas of restoration repairs including foundation work, lead flashings, waterproofing of patios, terraces and roof structures.

Our other services include graffiti removal, cleaning stone facades, downpipe and gutter cleaning, sealant replacement, chemical cleaning, thru wall flushing, treatment of rising damp in basements and garages or any other damp issues that your building may have. You can be sure that we will leave your building looking and feeling like new.

Another very common problem with older buildings is the deterioration of the mortar in between the brickwork. Reformas del Sol has a team of highly experienced workers who are experts in the process of removing the old mortar without causing any damage to the surrounding bricks. Not only will we leave your building fully restored and protected but we will also blend the new restoration work with the older untouched areas of the façade keeping the work undertaken unnoticeable in appearance.

Reformas del Sol has the solutions to ensure the longevity of their work by using only the highest quality materials on the market. As a company we like to keep ourselves informed about all the latest products and methods available in order to restore your property with confidence and knowledge needed.

When undertaking any renovation projects Reformas del Sol´s upmost priority is the safety of its workers, the general public and the building´s occupants. We will take all the necessary measures to ensure that there is no risk involved to anyone ensuring that all health and safety matters are addressed professionally and competently.

Restorations are a very important part of a building´s up- keep and general maintenance so if your building is in need of any restoration work, our restoration experts can provide you with a full report on the condition of your building and advise you on the best and most affordable repair solutions available.

In order that your renovation project runs smoothly we will take care of all the necessary paperwork required to begin the restoration process. We will advise you on what type of licenses you may need regarding the building´s location, age and condition. We will work closely with the local authorities to obtain the correct permits needed to erect scaffolding or any other equipment required for your project.

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